“In Fitness your input determines your output – so don’t bother to cheat on yourself”

When I entered a fitness studio for the first time with 16 of age, I wasn’t aware that the love and passion for fitness would become an integral part of my life. Working out is my anchor, my balance, my passion and the ray of hope of a strenuous day. Every day our body performs at its best, so we should always take good care of it.

When it comes to workouts, we are all the same: we sweat, we strain, our faces are distorted – the last repetition, the last kilometer… done! Joy, pride, euphoria…

This makes the ‘WE’ at ATOMIX so unique. There is no you and the others – only a WE. Also I continue to learn with every class as we are one team. I love to share my passion, to electrify you and to bring out everything your muscles and your will provide. So I’m fine with you cursing me during the sessions – later you’ll love me even more! 3-2-1 GO!


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Food that is always in my fridge:

Oats, berries, broccoli