“If it doesn‘t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Fitness is the key to a healthy and happy life in my view. That’s why I turned my life upside down to follow my biggest passion and became a trainer. Now, I want to share this passion and help you at ATOMIX to become the best version – for a happier, healthier and fitter future. There is no shortcut and it takes time, but we go this way together!

ATOMIX combines cardio and strength training in a unique way – you’ll go to your limits and beyond, only in a hip Berlin club atmosphere. No matter if you are a first timer or an experienced athlete, I will help you to make the most of your workout! So let‘s get the sweat party started!

Won’t leave home without:

A book, my headphones and a protein bar

Fun Fact:

I was born two months early but now I am always rushing to be on time

Food that is always in my fridge:

Blueberries! A day without blueberries is a wasted day…