“Training needs discipline, but should never be too serious”

I’m Italian born in Milano. After graduating at the university, I moved and lived for 15 years in Amsterdam where I worked in the Design Industry. Since 2020 Berlin became my new ‘Heimat’. Always been passionate about fitness and sports, in the gym I started getting acquainted with body weight workouts, mobility and eventually calisthenics. After an injury at my arm (full rupture of the long head of biceps) I decided to get myself educated on proper training. So I studied to become fitness coach and personal trainer. Since 2019 I have been teaching TRX, Circuit trainings, HIIT classes, Bootcamps and lately Boxing.
In my classes I always try to be disciplined but at the same time to show my fun side. I believe workouts should be not too serious. I love the energy I get from the participants in my classes. It’s a “giving and receiving relationship.

My motivation:

Nurture the child in you

Guilty pleasure:

My mom’s oven pasta (chliché?)

Fun Fact:

on weekends I like to play the piano and sing to relax at home