“Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. That’s what makes it great – that’s why you’re here!!!”

Growing up in one of the most deprived and dangerous areas of London, to a single parent and seeing her struggle to put food on the table, makes you realize what a real struggle is! That’s why motivating you and challenging you to step out of your comfort zone is a huge part of my training because life isn’t always easy.
You’ve got to go through the hard times to realize how strong you are.

My goal is to have a positive impact on all people, of all abilities, whether it be in fitness, career or personal life. You can expect energy, passion, plenty of motivation and some random outbursts of swearing lol! I only ask for one thing in return — that you try your best


Anyone that works through hard times comes out stronger

Fun fact:

I’m a flexitarian!

Guilty pleasure:

Getting tattoos