• Daniel



Dare to be GREAT! Willpower knows no obstacles. It all starts in your mind – visualize, believe and execute.

From Russia with Love. Born in a small town near Moscow I found myself growing up in Germany and Switzerland. My passion for Sports started in the martial arts realm – Boxing, Taekwondo and Kickboxing in my early years have built discipline and sparked my deep interest into the world of physical activity.

That’s exactly what I want to inspire in my classes – to awaken your interest not only into reaching your fitness goal but to chase the emotion of feeling “ALIVE”. Sweat dripping, heart pumping and feeling ALIVE is what you will experience.

Guilty Pleasure:

Dark chocolate and Nutella – feel the sugar rush

Hidden Talent:

Playing the piano while sipping on some good old whiskey

Soul Destination:

Latin America has been calling my soul for a while.